TuxMath Freezing my thin clients

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Fri Sep 21 19:35:54 BST 2007


I set up a small lab for my wife who is a 4th-grade teacher. The network 
is 6 thin clients connecting to the server, which also acts as the 
internet gateway using edubuntu Feisty completely updated.

Yesterday, one student was playing TuxMath, and his thin client froze 
after a few minutes of play. A Ctrl+Alt+Backspace restarted X and the 
computer responded again.

Today, students were playing TuxMath on all thin clients, and after a 
few minutes of play all thin clients froze. I'm not sure from my 
conversation with my wife if they all froze simultaneously or not, she 
just said "they all froze". Again, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace got the terminals 
responsive again.

Is this a known issue, and if so how do I resolve it? Is this what that 
XTerminator program I saw mentioned here a couple weeks was for?

I'm not going to be able to go on site for at least a few hours, so 
unfortunately I have no access to the server right now, but I thought 
I'd ask here in case anyone has some pointers for when I do go onsite. I 
get the feeling that her students love playing TuxMath so hopefully I 
don't need to say "Don't play TuxMath".


pkm ~ http://paulmcnett.com

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