input device: wacom ?

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Wacom also makes what they call a "sympodium" or SMART board which at
least my college uses in almost every classroom. It allows the use to
write directly on the screen. *wishes he had one* But they are really
nice Screens :) ... However they can be a little hard to write on if
it is just a LCD version on the mount.

On 9/20/07, David Trask <dtrask at> wrote:
> philipp at writes:
> >I noticed that the thin clients are trying to configure *wacom* input
> >devices (may a touch panel ?).
> A Wacom is a writing/drawing tablet commonly used by graphic artists to
> draw on the computer and retouch photos.  I have great  ;-)
> Although I'm not an artist by any means....we bought it for the school art
> teacher...she uses it.  It's essentially a giant touch pad wih a special
> "pen"
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