Edubuntu and Compaq Evo T30 Thin Clients

Nick romenick at
Tue Sep 18 11:56:33 BST 2007

Hello all,


I am installing and Edubuntu Lab in my school and everything was going fine
until I decided to try real Thin Clients instead of the old PIV we have. I
have bought 3 Compaq Evo T30 after I read on a website that someone was
using them in their school without any problem and they were perfect. This
is the first time I try to use a thin client so my fear is that I am missing
something very simple. 


My first question is: do they work with Edubuntu LTSP or not? The Compaq T30
is a Geode 300 Mhz with 64 Mb Ram and 64 MB of Flash memory.


After I have had this question answered I will check all cables, hardware
and settings to check if the problem is somewhere else.


Thank you in advance for your help and feel free to ask clarification. 



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