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john lists.john at
Mon Sep 17 22:54:46 BST 2007

I am really starting to like Opera. REALLY starting to like the
ability to globally config stuff. In fact I may not go back to FF.
Here's what I've added to the

/etc/opera6.fixed file so far:

; Put any settings here that are not overridable by users

[User Prefs]
Home URL=
#always start at home page
Startup Type=2

#set printer to user Letter Size rather than A4

#customize Save settings
[Saved Settings]

Open Dir=/home/$USER/Desktop
Save Dir=/home/$USER/Desktop

#disable bit torrent

#clear cache
[Clear Private Data Dialog]

#another way to clear cache?
[Disk Cache]
Empty On Exit=1

Accept License=1

#customizations I haven't tried yet
#Custom Bookmark Merge File=

The last customization I haven't tried yet, but I am really excited by
the idea of being able to source a bookmarks file globally and have it
work for all users. This would be a real boon for our librarian who
could just edit a list flat file and have all of her website/learning
recommendations immediately available to all kids.

Plus there's a kiosk mode which I haven't explored yet. Does firefox
have anything similar to this global config file? It's really


On 9/16/07, Jim Kronebusch <jim at> wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 15:37:12 -0700, john wrote
> > Hi all,
> >
> > We've gone with Opera rather than firefox in an effort to overcome
> > crashing and freezing for folks who use
> > Flash/PulseAudio/libflashsupport
> Thanks John, I will check your tips out on Monday as I need to use Opera until I can
> figure out how to build a stupid firefox with a patch that should fix the pixmap bug
> (Firefox is a bastard to build from source).
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