Feisty: LT4500 - Thin client freeze before the splash screen shows up

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Mon Sep 17 14:20:32 BST 2007


I  tested *unsuccessfully* this solid state thin client:
* LT4500 - ARCA II 300MHz CPU, 64 MB

We used this solid state client with our previous LTSP version and it
was working (OpenLab).

Now with Feisty,  this client is freezing during the boot phase. It
always happen at that time when the Edubuntu splash screen should appear
on the screen.

Is there a way to deactivated the splash screen during a thin client
boot? I tried already a little bit to get this working, but I failed :-(.
May it's only a matter with the splash screen?

Up to now, we have around 20 of this clients, so it would be nice if we
get them running again ...


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