System ram requirements for LTSP

Kai Wüstermann k.wuestermann at
Sun Sep 16 07:29:20 BST 2007

Moin Anton!

Am Samstag, den 15.09.2007, 20:27 +0400 schrieb Anton Shaleyev:
> Kai
> And what the best way to create computer classroom with Edubuntu? I
> mean new classroom with new computers.
> Thin clients without RAM and hard drives or complete computers with
> loading OS from hard disk and file server with LDAP synchronizing?

The best advantage of edubuntu with ltsp is the cost of administration.
When your thin-clients are working you only need to administrate the
server. New programs and updates you only install at the server.

If you got 20 complete computers in your lab and a file server you have
to administrate 21 computers. To install an update may cost you 5
minutes per computer. So you need 105 minutes in your lab for update.
How often would you install updates? Every new program cost you more.

Next are the costs of energy. A thin client has no harddrive. It can
have a small cpu without a fan.

Think of the costs of new Hardware too. A thin client may cost about
100-150 euros. A fat server may be 1500 euros. A full computer is about
500 euros. But what is in a few years, when the hardware will not match
the new programs? With thin client you need one new server. With
complete computers you need 20 new.

Kai Wüstermann

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