tips for Opera users

john lists.john at
Sat Sep 15 23:37:12 BST 2007

Hi all,

We've gone with Opera rather than firefox in an effort to overcome
crashing and freezing for folks who use

I am starting to _really_ like Opera because it allows me to set
global settings for all users in ways that are only possible with
Pessulus under firefox. It seems like a much more elegant/granular way
to do things.

In case anyone else is doing this I thought I share a few things that
made our transition to Opera easier.

1. Force Opera for users:

I made Opera open automagically whenever someone clicks on the Firefox
icon or types firefox from a cli. I did this by going to

and making firefox-bin a symlink to /usr/bin/opera

first i moved firefox-bin to firefox-bin.bak then did:

rm firefox-bin

ln -s /usr/bin/opera firefox-bin

2. By default Opera wants users to use A4 paper instead of Letter
which causes us printing problems, so I added the proper papersize,
plus some defaults for homepage and startup into the file
/etc/opera6rc.fixed like this:

; Put any settings here that are not overridable by users

[User Prefs]
Home URL=
Startup Type=2

# U.S. Letter size

here's a great link to learn more about Opera:

I hope this is useful to somebody.


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