logging in, printing photos, sharing bookmarks, home access (!)

Miles Berry mgberry at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 08:43:34 BST 2007

I'm delighted to say our new 18 station thin client network is working very
well indeed. One dual quad-core machine with 4GB of RAM (although only
3.2GBshow up...), 18 old PCs that the senior school here would have
been throwing
out, 18 second hand flat screens, and we have a great facility here for 1:1
access for our classes. Many thanks to all involved.

A few things we'd like to sort out:

When all 18 users log on together, there's often quite a delay for many of
the workstations to log in, like a couple of minutes, and then all of sudden
they all seem to come through together. Is this normal?

Printing multiple photos - our previous operating system had a nifty
photo-printing wizard, using gthumb image viewer provides the right tool,
but the printer (Xerox Phaser) doesn't produce any output. Found a
work-round by printing to pdf and then printing the pdf, but this is a bit
complex for novice users. Any thoughts? We have a vast collection of photos
in our archive, and wonder if f-spot might be worth exploring - does anyone
have experience of this in a multi-user setting?

Is there any way to share a bookmark file across all users' firefox
profiles? I'd like to set this up so all staff can create bookmarks and all
pupils access the shared list, but not create their own bookmark. Although I
can chmod the bookmarks.html to 777 and (I think) point others' browsers to
access this file rather than their own, as soon as bookmarks.html gets
updated the permissions revert to 755 and ownership changes.

Anyone tried providing access to the edubuntu desktop from pupils homes via
VNC or NX? Are there notes on this somewhere?

Miles Berry
Head, Alton Convent Prep
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