First K-12 Open Minds Conlis, Indiana. ference October 9-11 2007 in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Fri Sep 14 21:14:17 BST 2007

On Friday, September 14, 2007 3:12 PM dave shields wrote:
> 	FYI, <a href="">Steve 
> Hargadon</a> just sent me the following note that I want to 
> share with you. It looks to be a great conference. I will be 
> there and am looking forward to personally meeting Steve, 
> Mike Huffman and others whom I so far know only via phone 
> calls and their writings: 
> 	The second benefit is that the conference is being 
> organized by <a href=" 
> ">Mike Huffman and Laura Taylor</a>, whose rich credentials 
> in the area of actual implementation of Free and Open Source 
> Software in K-12 education are really unparalleled in the 
> United States. See my interview with them, and an audio 
> recording of their session at NECC 2007, on my <a href=" 
> a> website. The site also contains interviews about open 
> source and education with such luminaries as Tim O'Reilly, 
> Marc Andreesen, Brian Behlendorf, Chris DiBona, Doc Searls, 
> Larry Augustin and Richard Stallman. 
> 	Mike is also preparing blog tags for the sessions, and 
> I'll post on that as soon as we have that information. I hope 
> to see a lot of you there. Wednesday night is free, and it 
> would be fun to have dinner and socialize. 

Hello Dave,

I know Mike Huffman.  My site is participating in the INaccess program,
but my site is unique because I and my colleagues wanted to do terminals
instead of thick clients.  I and my boss challenged Mike for some time
to get the grant approved for thin clients, and we finally succeeded.
So, we are a pilot site for running thin clients.  We ended up choosing
Edubuntu as the platform for our 1:1 classrooms.

I must say that my site is probably the most challenging of sites in
which to adopt Open Source.  If it wasn't for Mike's mandates on the
INaccess grant, it would not have been possible due to internal

New Castle is 45 minutes east of Indianapolis.  Perhaps I should attend
this conference.


Shawn Iverson
Technology Associate
New Castle Community School Corporation
New Castle, Indiana
shawn at

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