smbldap-tools + authentication for ltsp - which groups make a Admin

David Van Assche dvanassche at
Fri Sep 14 19:27:24 BST 2007

   So I've installed samba + ldap for authentication and centralised
profiles and its running great on my network. I have 30 thin clients and
another 30 normal non-ltsp unix clients, as well as some windows computers
here and there, so I figured using this for authentication would make my
life easier in the long run. I also have half the 30 non-ltsp clients
running off wireless. Speeds are slow logging on, but afterward, things seem
allright. I used the migration scripts available for smbldap-tools to
migrate my unix groups and users over the ldap, and thats working great now.
The only thing I'm unsure about is, which groups users need to be in, in
order for the ltsp server to recognise them as admins, ie. System ->
Administration gives the full list of options. I tried duplicating a user
and putting them in all the same groups as an admin user, but that doesn't
seem to work. I did this with EDSadmin, so maybe that is the cause, though
if I check the ldap entries with GQ Admin (unfortunately not supported
anymore and kinda confusing) I see the shadow account part is missing from
the objectclass. I guess this makes sense since its writing straight to ldap
and not to shadow anymore... I assume this means that the built in system
user+groups editor only looks at the shadow account for admin priveledges...
but I'm probably wrong :-) If anyone can help me out, that would be great...

David Van Assche
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