My own OpenOffice scenario

David Trask dtrask at
Fri Sep 14 17:09:23 BST 2007


dual Xeon 2.8 ghz  
36gb SCSI HD's at 15k RPM   
gigabit into gigabit switch ( (I actually do the
gigabit as far as I can going toward the clients)

Both servers in DHCP load balance mode....thus load spread pretty scenario I mention....probably about 14 clients connected at
the time to one particular server.   Clients in question are SYM1110's
from SymbioTech (Gadi's company).  They have a GEODE processor...128 is 24 bit with max resolution of 1600x1200 (I'm running at

I have created several files for your viewing....the results of lspci -vv
on both servers and a thin-client in my lab.  

Server 1 is here

Server 2 is here

Thin-Client is here

My lts.conf is quite simple and posted below:

# This is the default lts.conf file for ltsp 5.
# For more information about valid options please see:
# /usr/share/doc/ltsp-client/examples/lts-parameters.txt.gz
# in the client environment

#for autologin features
# default sound volume

#VOLUME = 99


as for .xsession-errors files....I just rebuilt my Samba/LDAP server
yesterday due to "Fat  finger syndrome" and typing  #chown
username:username .* (I know...stupid....nonetheless, I was back up and
running in good time with NO data loss)  anyway...

We have not done the OpenOffice presentation thing since we had issues,
but let me have the kids try to reproduce it in the next few days and I'll
send the file.

To reproduce:

Simply create an OpenOffice presentation with some large
have a tendency to download 1024x768 graphics from the internet and use
them as backgrounds or images on a page.  Then preview or play the slide
show in full screen.  After a certain point the client MAY freeze...HARD.  

In my own real world tests.  A few problem....several kids
doing it at the same time....then freezing.  Not all, but most.  Running
htop on server while this is happening (had it on the video projector so
the kids could watch) discernable spike or load outside of what
normally happens.  In fact, once OO is loaded the server load is
practically nil.  So the cause of the freeze is a bit of a mystery.  Not
even sure it's a video issue....could it be a network issue, but one more
specific to the client in LTSP 5?  None of this was present (for me) in
LTSP 4.2 (K12LTSP) in past years....been doing this since 2001.  

Printing does not appear to be an general....yet I have yet to
test what might happen in OO.  But...just to let you know I printed an
entire classroom of TuxPaint images the other day from each client with no
issues at all.  I will test OO. network is simplistic and rock solid.  I use unmanaged
switches from or gigabit uplink where needed...else
100baseT.  I run gigabit as far as I can....generally out of server into
gigabit...and eventually to the last 100bT switch which feed the clients.

My last suspicion (I had this issue a couple years ago)....if you have
"strange" DNS....OO does not like it...why?  I have no friggin' idea, but
a few years ago OO would take forever to load on one of my servers (on the
thin-clients).  Once I resolved the DNS loaded very quickly. 
I have no idea if this has any possible thing to do with what anyone has
going on....just figured I'd chuck it onto the pile  ;-)

One other thing....I've found that the more fonts you have the slower OO

UPDATE:  Jim Kronebusch just sent me two test docs....(be aware that
hardly anyone is doing anything but me....several are logged in, but idle
as we are doing computerized testing NWEA)....anyway...I was able to print fact, I was able to load both at the same time and print
simultaneously one job after another but both spooled at once.

I'll keep testing.....but I do have to admit the OO Presentation thing is
driving me a little nuts  ;-)

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at

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