Fw: Re: OpenOffice insert graphics, print and sometimes save=frozen client

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Fri Sep 14 08:48:32 BST 2007


Yes, we have also issues

We using the following hardware
-Server P4, 3 GHz, Ram: 2 MB, Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board D915GAV
- HP Laserjet 11000 (usb connection)
- 10 thin clients, Intel celeron 400 MHz, Ram: 64 MB, Networkcards 
Realteak (RTL 8139). Motherboard: Intel BI440ZX

- Distro: Feisty
- XDIRECT =true

If you add 3 OpenClipart pictures (.png) to an empty document (all 
pictures on the same page, on the upper half of the page), I observed 
that the printing is quite slow.

Generally I saw that the the Memory from our server goes up by 700 MB 
for this single document.

See this example:

1.) Memory usage 1.2 GByte
2.) On thin client: OpenOffice: Clicks on printing.
3.) Memory on server is increasing steady to 1.9 GByte (duration 1 - 2 
4.) As soon as the memory stays stable on 1.9 GByte, the document is 
showing up in the printer manager (started with administration rights)
5.) Then after 10 seconds the document is printed out.
6.) Memory usage goes back to 1.2 GByte
7.) On thin client: User can work *normally*

The others thin clients works normally in this example, but in case the 
memory consumption goes over 2 GByte, the server starts to use the swap, 
then the other clients get slow.


Jim Kronebusch schrieb:
> The list wouldn't let my message through with the attachments, so below is at least the
> text of my reply.  To reproduce yourself just create a new Writer document and insert 5
> graphics on a single page, then print, things should get funky on you.  
> Scott, I sent you an email personally with attachments to use in testing.
> Jim
>> Can you create a document, send it to me, so I can try to reproduce here?
>> What kind of graphics cards do you have in the client?
>> Scott
> Let me know if the attachments don't go through.  I have attached 2 documents, one in
> odt format and the other created in OpenOffice and saved as a .doc (student wanted to
> take home and work with in Word).  Both will freeze any of our clients when printed to a
> HP4000.  I did have better luck when printing to a HP4500 Color, maybe attributable to
> more printer memory.  However with both the client still popped up the graphics from
> within the document all over the screen and slowed tremendously.  When printing to the
> HP4500 the client didn't freeze, but left stray graphics all over the screen.  I did
> print the same documents from a full independent Ubuntu Desktop without any problems. 
> The document named german.doc was the original document the student created the led me
> to the problem.
> The clients are DevonIT 6020p's (we have 108 of these).  Below is a snip from the
> xorg.conf generated on the client:
> Section "Device"
>         Identifier      "VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8623 [Apollo CLE266] integrated
> CastleRock graphics"
>         Driver          "via"
>         BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"
> EndSection
> I don't have a client in front of me to tell you the model or who made it, but I can
> verify that I have had the cover off one before and the chips matched the info above.
> The clients have 800Mhz Cpu's and 128MB RAM.  I also have NBD-Swap set to 256MB.  Hope
> this all helps.
> Jim
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