OpenOffice insert graphics, print and sometimes save=frozen client

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Fri Sep 14 04:18:53 BST 2007

On Fri, 14 Sep 2007 01:04:09 +0200, Michael wrote
> Hi, are you using Edubuntu 7.04 ? If so I have noticed that a lot of people
> are having a lot of problems with it. I was having problems where the
> terminals and even the server would just freeze sometimes while the kids
> were doing their thing, mainly TuxPaint and Gcompris as the kids are all in
> grade 1 and 2. After seeing how many problems other people were having with
> 7.04, I went back to Edubuntu 6.06. Problems solved :)
> I may be wrong, I'm no linux guru, but is just seems to me that Edubuntu
> 7.04 is unstable...

Yep, 7.04.  I never ran 6.06 so I can't attest to a decrease in stability between
versions.  I haven't seen a lot of posts to either the user or devel list regarding
these types of freezing issues except for the last week or two.  I think as users we
need to do a better job of reporting the problems to the devels so they can properly try
and get them resolved.  Unfortunately I'm sure many people just try the software out,
things don't work perfect and they just give up without any feedback.

I wish I knew more about tracking such problems and what is helpful in reports.  Does
anyone know of any type of bug reporting procedure that would help users report helpful
data?  The default bug report tool seems to report to Ubuntu and not Edubuntu, and
frozen machines don't work to well with the bug report system.  Are there standard log
files that are helpful to include?  If there is such a procedure we should make it very
obvious in mailing lists and on the Edubuntu website and urge users to report any such

I'm sure some specifics on the TuxPaint and Gcompris crashes would be very helpful.  At
this point I have spent almost the entire last two weeks trying to pinpoint causes to
terminals freezing.  I would have never thought the system would be this unstable.  This
must mean that many other users are having the same problems and either giving up or
staying silent.  I've only seen half a dozen users report similar problems with clients
freezing and have to believe there are far more than that.

I know that the developers can only test so much and after that rely on user feedback,
so we need to be darn sure that all these problems get back to them so they know what is
going on.


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