edubuntu/firefox/pulse audio/flash = unusable

john lists.john at
Wed Sep 12 20:59:27 BST 2007

Hi Gavin,

> A few questions that might tell us more:
>  - Does sound work okay from other applications (eg totem)?

Yes sound seems to work fine in other applications

>  - Does sound work at all with flash, ie is it unstable or just not working
>    at all?

Sound works in flash with the libflashplugin and when it's working
pulseaudio sounds great. But firefox crashes regularly when using
pulseaudio. If I use ESD the sound quality is worse but the user
experience is a bit more stable, still crashes though. It's very
difficult to tell if this is a flash bug, or a firefox bug or what.
I'd like to try out the 1.5 branch of FF but I haven't located a copy
yet. I am going to install Opera as well and see if things get better.

If folks have suggestions about how to proceed with debug I'll dig
into this more.

Teachers and students are starting to look at it as a very touchy and
buggy user experience so I'd really like to get them some stability



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