cant loggin to thin clients

Javier Tibau jatb86 at
Wed Sep 12 07:18:47 BST 2007

I was trying to install x11vnc on the thin clients so i could test the thin
client manager tool. However it seems that I messed something else in the
process and now I can't loggin in the thin clients. They boot alright (i
think) but upon when I type user and password all I get sent to the same
screen instead of the gnome desktop.
I've tried on three clients: and old PC, a new PC and my laptop. Same
results. Loggin on the server works alright.
I don't know what else to say since I haven't found a way to debug this
problem. I (think) restored the conf files to their original settings. Maybe
I messed up something I'm not aware of when chrooting to the /opt/ltsp/i386.
Anyone got a clue, or at least a hint as to how to start debugging.
Thanks again
Javier Tibau
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