feisty: automounter starts only if sesssion get successfully finised

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Sat Sep 8 11:09:55 BST 2007

I noticed that some local devices aren't mounted, if the user are logged 

The reason for that is: when a session get killed (for example with 
CRTL-ALT-Backspace) the ldm login mananger doesn't run /ltspfsmounter 
all cleanup'./

See the ldm script (opt/ltsp/usr/sbin/ldm) as in feisty includes this  

 > # make sure we clean up after logout if localdev is used
 > if self.use_localdev:
 > session_manager = session_manager+' && ltspfsmounter all cleanup'
 > print "info: Enabling localdev support."

Now I found a simple solution replace the above line with:

 > session_manager = session_manager+' ; ltspfsmounter all cleanup'

This work up to know for us, and it much more failure prove than before. 
I found once a bug report on that issue, but up to know I wasn't able to 
find this thread again under:

Does somebody know, where I can find this bug report, than I will add 
this solution!

I hope this fix, works also for you?


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