Beta Fl_TeacherTool for Edubuntu

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Fri Sep 7 14:51:26 BST 2007

> Hmm. I'll put my money on how you started x11vnc process.
> Take a look at these two sites again.
> x11vnc -display :6 -forever -loop &

There we go.  I was actually going to try the -loop option this morning as I saw it
recommended when I was troubleshooting student-control-panel.  Here is the line I now
have in rc.local:

x11vnc -display :6 -forever -loop -shared

Should I have the ampersand behind -shared?  Anyhow I booted the client and checked I have 2 instances of xllvnc running.  I login and they are still running, I
logout and one dies but the other keeps going, I log in again, and vnc still works!

So for now I have a setup working.  Does my line match what yours looks like?

If so I'll update my howto and file this as fixed.  When you get a chance let me know
what command you use to pick up the info for the host and user fields, then I can enable
directx and let you know what changes (if it is that simple).

For now I'll run without directx for the tradeoff of remote control.

Thanks again Robert, this is awesome (and I don't think it is slow as you had mentioned).


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