cant login

Dean Mumby dean at
Thu Sep 6 07:35:58 BST 2007

I have no idea what could have changed , I have had a running server for 
3 weeks , ubuntu fiesty with ltsp 5 . I experimented with xterminator 
yesterday but had problems with vmware server crashing so I uninstalled 
it. I cannot login to my thin clients anymore. I have rebuilt my 
ltsp-client chroot and still nothing. I know my user profiles are ok as 
I can login via nxclient and get my desktop.

I had previously been using the modified ldm , but now I am back to the 
standard one.

Yesterday about three times my session just crashed thats why i went 
back and uninstalled xterminator

i have also rebooted using the original kernel-2.6.20-15 , i have run 
ltsp-update-kernels and ltsp-update-sshkeys since rebuilding the 

Does anyone have any ideas , my office has come to a standstill.

I get the login screen , then i enter username /password and I get the 
spinning circle then back to the login screen


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