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 Hello again Gavin....

Can you help me....more ? ( still about Acer Aspire 4520 )
1. it has no sound ( realtek high definition audio )
2. the wireless is not working ( artheos 5700 )

How to configure the sound and wlan ?

I tried to get ndiswrapper...but it said that ndisgtk can't be installed ....go to synaptic
( what should i do in synaptic )
I also downloaded Edubuntu-7.10 tribe 5 .....but it's not help
i download the i386....should i get amd64 ?

 With this laptop...i also have many problems in XP...it was for vista anyway but the owner didnt like to buy vista........
I have solve the XP problem...now only the graphic adapter which i can't get the driver yet
( nVidia GeForce 7000m nForce 610m ) even i already jumped to nvidia.com


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