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Tue Sep 4 20:57:57 BST 2007

"David Trask" <dtrask at> writes:
>Amen...same here...Feisty servers.  I'm doing a lot of testing
>today....thus far the xterminator script is not working for me.  And
>yes...Jim...those web sites froze my terminal hard.  So I turned off the
>terminal....turned it back on....and then logged back in as the
> dice....same processed still particular and huge
>amount of Firefox!  I used   htop -u username   Is there a better way to

Update:  I was using a pre-alpha version that Matt sent me a few days ago.
 I just reinstalled using the repo he mentioned in an earlier fine now!  :-)  Very nice!  No more hanging processes! 
*David smiles*

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