How to remove Firefox?

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Tue Sep 4 20:14:36 BST 2007

> Because in this case they *do* need firefox. That's the whole point of
> having the dependencies.
> -Jordan

Thanks Jordan for the even more detailed explanation, I read Olivers as well.  This
makes much more sense to me, I would have never guessed the relationship.  

I hope someone comes up with a patch to Firefox to disable the pixmap caching so I can
just go back to using it, I'm not a big fan of Opera.

Sorry to sound like a prick in the last few emails, I'm sure the text makes me sound
much more like a picky jerk than if we talked in person :-)

Thanks as well to everyone who helped me over the weekend.  Today is going flawlessly as
compared to last week.  Not a single complaint yet today, last week about 60.

Although it can most likely be a headache for developers, an open forum with the
individuals who actually write the software is AWESOME!  If I was running any other
platform besides Linux, there is no way I could have gotten 4 new features implemented
in my software over the weekend that fixes all of my problems.

Thanks again,

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