Edubuntu server with one NIC

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Tue Sep 4 09:50:43 BST 2007


On Mon, 03 Sep 2007, Javier Tibau wrote:

> I forgot to mention, I live in Ecuador, South America... So no TigerDirect
> for me :( and I think that's ($100) about what my provider offered me (not
> sure).

If I ask the wrong people, I get a similar quote so it might be worth your
while shopping around however much you can.

> I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong... I was trying to get
> both the thin clients and other computers (my laptop) to use de same
> settings for internet. 

That doesn't sound like a mistake to me.  It's what we do.

> When I changed the dhcp.conf so it would work for the computers that
> connected to the network, LTSP stopped working and viceversa. 

Please tell us what these changes are and we may be able to help you.  But
right now we can only guess what your network setup is.

> I still don't know if I can actually have both regular PCs and thin
> clients in the same network both using the same DHCP, well I stopped
> trying.  Anyway, I now have a working internet connection. And since the
> rest of the computers are laptops, they can use another wireless network
> to get online.  Maybe I'll get back to this problem once I get the rest
> tested.

You definitely shouldn't need to do this.  You should run one single dhcp
server (usually on the edubuntu machine, though not necessarily), which
will serve addresses to all machines.  In the case of the thin clients some
extra information about booting will be sent.


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