how to setup linux software raid 10

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Mon Sep 3 22:31:28 BST 2007

I managed to get RAID working partially. It took me a while to figure out
how to do it.
RAID doesn't come up as an option on the initial screen, so I thought I
would document what I did for others who wonder how to access the RAID
function from the installer.

1. I got to the partition stage of the installation (on the standard
2. For each of my 4 disks I created a partition.
3. I selected each parttion one by one and set it as physical partition for
Once the disks are assigned as RAID, the setup RAID option appears on the
main screen.
4. Select Setup RAID,
5. Assign RAID 1 to the first two drives, with on spare.
6. Do the same for the next pair of drives.
At this point it is possible to set up LVM. But I want to do RAID 0 on the 2
RAID 1 devices.
It doesn't seem possible to do this from the installation partition manager.

How can I take my pairs of RAID1s and make them into RAID10?
Can I continue the installation setting up LVM one of the RAID1s then once
the system is setup run mdadm to make a raid0 out of the two raid pairs? Or
is there a better way?

I was thinking of setting up one 320GB RAID10 drive with one LV and using
the guided partitioning within the LV. Would that be a reasonable approach?

Krsnendu dasa

On 26/08/07, Scott Balneaves <sbalneav at> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 25, 2007 at 12:35:38PM -0700, Joe Rowe wrote:
> >
> > Like myself,
> > More and more people are using Edubuntu or Ubuntu
> > servers or critical workstations with inadequate plans for Disk failure.
> >
> >
> > Anyone,
> > Please reply if you have done software RAID on Ubuntu/Edubuntu
> > and you are good at documenting steps by step tips.
> I've done software raid for years and years.  It's pretty easy, and just
> required doing a bit of reading and understanding.  The O'Reilly "Managing
> Raid
> on Linux" is an excellent book on the subject.
> Scott
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