Edubuntu 7.04 still not working: thumb drives/local dev

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Sun Sep 2 01:37:43 BST 2007

> OK, here's problem number 1.  Yes doesn't really tell me anything. I have
> to trust that you performed the step right.  What would be better would
> be to paste the actual steps you used to determine this.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for pointing out the deficiencies in my response. Please find
corrections below!

> > 1. Is the device partitioned? Yes

The usb thumb drive is partitioned and is recognized just fine on a
workstation running a full version of Ubuntu 7.04.

> > 2. Is ltspfs installed on the server? Yes

Here's the output:

john at mcbuntu:~$ dpkg -l ltspfs | grep ^ii

ii  ltspfs         0.4.3-0ubuntu6 Fuse based remote filesystem for
LTSP thin clients

> > 3. Is fuse loaded on the server? Yes

Here's the output:

fuse                   46612  1

> > 4.  Is the user a member of the fuse group? Yes

Here's the output:

john at mcbuntu:~$ ls -la /dev/fuse

crw-rw---- 1 root fuse 10, 229 2007-08-29 13:23 /dev/fuse

> > Step 4: Can you manually issue a mount command? _NO_
> OK, first of all, you need to log in as a user graphically first on
> the ldm.  I don't see an indication that you've done that.

I guess I need a point of clarification here. It sounds like you are
saying I should log onto the system from a thin client and get the
metacity/gnome environment and then conduct my testing from there?

 I have logged on to the Ubuntu Desktop as a user who is a member of
the fuse group but that isn't where I am able to do F1 and get the
CLI. Doing F1 there gets me no change to the CLI.

However  if I boot up a thin client, get to the graphical greeter, hit
F1, log in as root and issue the command

ssh -S /tmp/.ltspfs_socket server "/usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter /tmp add"

The response to this from the system is:

Error: /media/root is not mounted
Error: /media/root/tmp is not mounted

> you please reply with the contents of your lts.conf file?

# This is the default lts.conf file for ltsp 5.
# For more information about valid options please see:
# /usr/share/doc/ltsp-client/examples/lts-parameters.txt.gz
# in the client environment



As you can see I am using Gadi's recompiled Ldm (which until know I
had taken to be a tool that essentially took the place of the LTS

which I got from the link below)

> > 2. do:  ssh -S /tmp/.ltspfs_socket server "/usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter /tmp add"
> > 3. I  get:
> >
> > Error: /media/root is not mounted
> > Error: /media/root/tmp is not mounted
> This leads me to believe that you logged in as root on the thin client,
> in the graphical login screen, and I specifically don't allow root
> to do so in part of lbmount, so this may be your problem.

Hmm. I just booted the think client normally, hit F1, the screen
shifts over to a CLI and I log in as root. I thought that's what the
directions said to do:

"Log in on the text console by pressing Control-Alt-F1, and logging in
as root, with the password you just set. Then, plug in a usb

Should I be logging in as some other user?

Thanks for keeping with me. I appreciate your efforts.


> Scott
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