Thin Clients freezing in Firefox

Jim McQuillan jam at
Sat Sep 1 15:36:16 BST 2007

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> On Sat, 01 Sep 2007 09:02:48 +0200, Kai Wüstermann wrote
>> Moin Jim!
>> Am Samstag, den 01.09.2007, 00:21 -0500 schrieb Jim Kronebusch:
>>> Thanks for the extra info on this, but it appears my problem is related to running out
>>> of memory on the client as increasing the client RAM fixes the problem.  If you could
>>> let me know the log file you pulled the "eth1: too many iterations (6) in nv_nic_irq"
>>> error from I would love to check out my log to see if I can find it anywhere.
>> This can show to the network problem. You have NBD Swap. If the client needs 
>> to swap it increases network traffic.
> After doing some searching I found that the error (too many iterations) should be
> showing up in dmesg.  I checked my /var/log/dmesg on the server and I do not have this
> error anywhere.

I think that error is specific to the other guy who had a specific 
nvidia network chipset.  Probably not your problem at all.

> However I don't believe that nbdswap is being used at all.  Is there a way to test this?

Get to a shell on the thin client and run 'free'.  see if it shows 
anything for 'Swap:'

if it shows '0', or doesn't show the line at all, then you aren't using 
nbd swap.

Jim McQuillan
jam at

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