Thin Clients freezing in Firefox

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Sat Sep 1 07:30:39 BST 2007

> Any other ideas besides ordering more RAM, I would have thought that 128MB was 
> enough. I did increase the NBD Swap size to 132MB as Scott suggested, with no 
> changes at all from the default 32MB.  The correct size file is created in 
> /tmp, but it does not appear to be used by firefox...thoughts?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated, at least I feel I know what the cause is 
> now.

I figured out that I couldn't get to the bios because it did not recognize my keyboard
at that stage.  I plugged in a ps2 keyboard and was able to lower the RAM from 32MB to
16MB.  This did let it get farther on and will be a temporary fix.  But it looks like
108 512MB DDR sticks might be going on order soon.

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