gutsy and regular PCs on edubuntu lan

Philippe Rousselot ubuntu at
Wed Oct 31 08:13:06 GMT 2007

Hi Jay,

Jay Perez a écrit :
> Philippe,
> I spent several weeks trying to get my Edubuntu server configured to 
> allow both thin-client and non-Linux machines to be able to access the 
> Internet.
> Several people on this and other forums tried to help me but the 
> answer was so simple I just didn't get the point they were trying to 
> help me understand.
> I eventually just reinstalled the software from scratch using the 
> single network card topology that Gavin refers to in his note below 
> and with all devices and the server plugged into one switch. The 
> switch was plugged into my cable modem which was connected to the 
> Internet.
> The only configuration changes I had to do after reinstalling Edubuntu 
> was to setup my router to NOT provide DHCP (This is done by the 
> Edubuntu server) and to make sure the Gateway address on the server 
> was set to the IP address of my router. (Actually, I set my router's 
> IP address to match the Default Gateway address on the server which I 
> believe is
> In this setup, the router is providing NAT services and a hardware 
> firewall. (I don't recall having to do anything on the server to 
> prevent it from also providing a firewall ...)  It was also providing 
> wireless access for my laptop.
> This worked wonderfully and I could then boot any PC on the network 
> normally as a full client PC, or, using the network bootup routine to 
> boot as a thin-client off the Edubuntu server. Ohhh, the rapture !
> All the computers in the house could get to the Internet without any 
> problems and I could share files across all the machines on the 
> network using SAMBA.
> The only significant problem I had afterwards was people's profiles 
> getting corrupted. I think this was caused by trying to log into two 
> different machines with the same user login. The symptom I experienced 
> was not being able to logoff or shutdown from that account once it was 
> damaged.
> I'd love to be able to take credit for figuring any of this out but 
> all I really did was plug in the disk and make a few very small 
> changes people told me to make.
> There are some very talented people out there...  Whoever figured all 
> this stuff out and did all this programming is WAY smart !!!
> Hope your project goes well.
> Jay
> -- Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at> wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> On Tue, 30 Oct 2007, Philippe Rousselot wrote:
> > It is apparently impossible (out of the box) to get regular PCs
> > connected to the edubuntu lan to access internet. it is only possible
> > for thin clients.
I unfortunately cannot modify my config as the modem as to stay in 
router mode for other reasons. nevertheless thanks and i will try this 
another time.


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