problems using edubuntu in cyrix and IBM lab.

Γιάννης Κονδύλης ikondylis at
Wed Oct 24 08:26:15 BST 2007

Good mornig to everybody!

we are setting 13 edubuntu labs in greece wich by the time are great!

2 labs have some problems.
The problem is that the clients of one lab are with cyrix 200Mhz 
processors and the other with IBM 686 200 pr+,  wich seems is the 
problem for not booting the clients and presenting a kernel panic due 
the boot time. There is no RAM problem cause the workstations are using 
64 MB ram.

Is there any know solution that can fix the problem and getting the 
cyrix and IBM workstations working as thin-client in a edubuntu lab?

thanks a lot!

Γιάννης Κονδύλης
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