Gutsy and old-style LTSP

Steve Jackson sjxn at
Sat Oct 20 07:10:48 BST 2007

This is just an FYI for the present, in case anyone else has a similar
setup to mine.

I have really old terminals (48Mb Pentium-1 233MHz), and so I have been
using LTSP-4.2 on an Edubuntu workstation setup to create my terminal
servers. This used to work fine up to Gutsy Tribe 5, but my testing
shows that some change in GDM between Tribe 5 and 7.10 release has
caused XDMCP connections to fail from the terminals unless the plain
greeter is used. The terminals try to connect, fail, and keep trying
repeatedly; before long GDM hits the max session limit and refuses to
allow any further connections.

I lack the time to investigate properly for the next couple of weeks.
The problem is probably linked to this thread and this bug report . 

I haven't created a bug report for this setup since it is hardly a
supported configuration. However, it may also affect conventional LTSP 5
terminals set to use 'startx' instead of LDM - I haven't tried.

As I said, this is just a heads-up in case anyone else is using such
ancient hardware!

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