lockup on one machine

Alfred Nutile alfred at nationalpriorities.org
Tue Oct 16 12:34:50 BST 2007

See my comments inline prefixed by Al -
Al - to begin, yes this is a edubuntu install.
On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, alfred at nationalpriorities.org wrote:
One machine in the office had a lock up.
Just to be clear, is this machine running edubuntu?  Is it a thin client or
a regular desktop?

I replaced
The machine
the wiring
the switch at the main server
the switch in that office
the monitor
the keyboard
the mouse
the surge protector
and still that one machine has trouble.
What machine?  If you replaced "the machine" and the next machine had the
same trouble, it apparently can't be "the machine" that has the problem.
Are you sure the replacement machine works in other circumstances?
Who ever logs in to use it will have a screen freeze within 1 hour or so.
When the screen freezes, does the mouse still move?  Can you set the thin
client root password, hit <ctrl><alt><F1> and login?
Al - I agree it can not be the machine nor the users login since it  
happens to me as I use the desk and they use mine.  No you can not  
move the moouse or

But if those people log in at other machines in the office they are fine.
None of the other machines in the office (6 of em) running this same
setup have trouble at all.
If you take one of these other machines that always works and put it at
that desk does it show the problem?  That would suggest you may need to
look at the things common to that desk:

1. The network socket -- might the connection be dodgy or be in a bad spot
    for getting kicked/pulled?
2. The environment -- is the computer in a tight corner that's very warm?
3. The power socket.

When it goes down, does the link light on the network card turn off?  If
so, you're probably looking at [1].
Al - I will look at this next time but I have tried another socket and  
power spot.
One thought on my end is that there is a file call /tmp/fileXXXXX  
<-random letters
And maybe since the first crash this was not cleaned and now when this
machine logs in it by chance keeps using the same tmp file (which I now
deleted and will see how it goes)
This file is a randomly named swap file.  Every login you get a different
filename so old ones left around shouldn't be an issue (except that they
might consume disk space I guess).
Al -was hoping you would not say that since this was my last hope.  I  
thought I noticed a file being grabbed by the same computer twice and  
therefor was hoping that by cleaning these out I had a chance.   
Basically I have worked with hardware for a number of years and this  
is odd so I think it is a software thing but not sure where.  Since  
the software could never know it is the same machine.
I have replace every thing from computer to server switch.  In a few  
days I am putting in a gigabyte card for better speeds.  Not that I  
think that it will help this situation since all the other machines  
are great.


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