.esd_auth locking

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Sun Oct 14 09:22:24 BST 2007

Am Samstag, den 13.10.2007, 18:39 +0200 schrieb francois Barillon:
> Hello,
> Since the Feisty version, and now with the beta Gusty version, I've got
> sounds problems. 
> >From time to time, sound gets off and I've got to remove a root owned
> file named ~.esd_auth.
is that an upgraded feisty system ? in gutsy there shouldnt be an esd
installed. if you upgraded from feisty and didnt use the update manager
it might well be that the esd daemon is still there, its not used
anymore anywhere in gutsy, uninstalling the package should make the
problems go away.

> Are there article that make me understand better how sounds works in
> Feisty/Gusty ?
basically its just "its all alsa now" but below some technical details:

on the client:
* alsa handles the HW on the client (default ubuntu setup/detection
* a pulseaudio server runs on top of alsa on the client and listens for
network connections (started by the ltsp client scripts)
* for backwards compatibility this pulse server additionally emulates
the old esd setup we used in former releases, but it shouldnt be used by
anything anymore (not by default from any apps anyway, but even if you
have custom setups you should rather point them to alsa now).

in the users session:
* during login ldm sets up the variables for a session script which
creates a virtual alsa device with a backend that hooks up to the
pulseaudio server on the client (/etc/X11/Xsession.d/80_ltsp-sound)
* gutsy uses aplay by default now to play system sounds
* the gstreamer autosink will automatically attach to the virtual alsa
device for sound output and volume control
* apps you configure manually should use alsa for output, but still can
use esd or pulseaudio if wanted

hope that sheds some light...

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