How do I install Educational apps and KDE?

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Wed Oct 3 09:11:33 BST 2007


On Wed, 03 Oct 2007, Krsnendu dasa wrote:

> I have installed Edubuntu after running K12ltsp for several years. How do I
> install the educational apps? Is there a metapackage? In K12LTSP almost
> everything was install by default.

There is a second CD ("Edubuntu 7.04 Classroom Server Add-on CD") which
includes all of the education apps.

If you have reasonable bandwidth though, you can just start the synaptic
package manager (under system->administration), and search for "education".
It doesn't seem to be one single package, but is broken up into topics.

> Also in K12ltsp there is the option to login using KDE. How do I do that
> with Edubuntu? Is it just a matter of apt-get install kubuntu-desktop? Will
> that mess things up (e.g. graphics, themes etc.) or should I just install
> KDE base or something like that?

As far as I know kubuntu-desktop should sit alongside fine if you need it.
I have the xubuntu-desktop alongside gnome and use it sometimes.  Whether
you want to support different people using both is up to you, though it may
be a lot of work.


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