Feisty:Why does the ltsp-build-clients script needs a Internet connection?

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Tue Oct 2 08:47:01 BST 2007

Sameer Verma schrieb:
> Philipp Hanselmann wrote:
>> Hi
>> Today we did a test installation at the teacher college. They using an
>> older Intel P4 server. After the installation was completed I was
>> surprised, because the thin clients didn't boot, They all get an ip
>> address, but the couldn't find the boot image (nbi.img)
>> I have installed Edbuntu may more than 40 times, and had never this
>> issue. This server has a slightly different motherboard than the other
>> two server which we used up to know for testing.
>> Just two weeks ago we were visiting the college with our Edubuntu test
>> server, and at that time all thin clients picked up normally ...
>> I thought I could be that the i386 chroot (/opt/ltsp/i386) doesn't get
>> installed correctly? Based on that assumption I was trying to build the
>> ltsp root again with this commands:
>> $ sudo bash
>> # cd /opt/ltsp
>> # mv i386 i386old
>> # ltsp-build-client
>> What surprised me, the building process needs a  Internet connection!
>> Like we have only a 64KByte connection this is not really an option. Why
>> is this needed? Can this be deactivated or redirected that he uses the
>> Edubuntu boot cd for this?
> Try:
> mount cdrom 
> sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386 --mirror file:///cdrom
> Sameer
I did this on my test system ... I noticed that he need still is trying 
to download some some security packages. Responsible for that is the 
010-security-mirror script.

Meanwhile a figure out  the solution, to rebuild /opt/ltsp/i386/ without 
an internet connection ...
1.) mount cdrom

2.) mv /usr/share/ltsp/plugin/ltsp-build-client/Ubunut/010-security-mirror /
3.) sudo ltsp-build-client --arch i386 --mirror file:///cdrom

After the ltsp-root is builded and the clients are booting, clean up the 
server and copy the file back with
4.) mv /010-security-mirror 

This worked now on my test system, We are going to test this morning at 
the college may this solve the issues also there ...

Thanks for the help!


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