My Negative Gutsy Experience

Denis Melnikov dmelnik at
Wed Nov 14 12:41:51 GMT 2007

> > 1) Local devices stopped mounting.
> > Rarely a floppy icon appears at some user's desktop.
> > Rarely an USBkey or CD mounts. But this happens without
> > any relationship with username or computer. The fact is
> > that only one user have an access to local devices at
> > a time. Of course, all users are allowed to mount local
> > devices.
> > 
> Have you had a chance, yet, to learn that lts.conf should be in 
> /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/ ?
> Also, a newly installed Gutsy server will have this directory
> /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/doc/ltsp-client-core/examples/
> that has good lts.conf examples and descriptions.  Mine 
> currently looks 
> like this (note that I specify local devices)
> [default]
>      X_COLOR_DEPTH=16
>      LDM_DIRECTX=True
>      X_MODE_0=1024x768
>      LOCALDEV=True
>      SOUND=True
>      NBD_SWAP=True
>      SYSLOG_HOST=server

Thank you, Scott, for your answer.
With all my troubles will fresh installation be the best
solution? Is it true that upgrade doesn't supply all
needed files?

> > 4) Sound works from time to time. In Flash clips it
> > doesn't work at all. In control panel sound works.
> > And sound icon in righthand upper corner always
> > looks as 'mute'.
> This has been just recently solved on this list in other 
> threads.  The 
> question that lead to the answer was
> Do you have libflashsupport installed?

Is 'mute' icon results from [possible] absent

> > 5) One user's desktop background have disappeared after
> > ordinary logon. In this user's session gnome-panel started
> > to fail loading modules. When he tried to add Switch-user
> > module to the panel, he got the same failure message.
> > By the way, how to setup default (again 'default')
> > collection of panel modules, i.e. switch-user,
> > keyboard-layout, etc.?
> Sabayon would fix this, I believe.

What about lost background? By the way, I forgot to mention:
right click on desktop should open context menu,
but it does not.

> > 6) Server downloads and installs updates and display
> > an icon asking to reboot after that. But reboot menu
> > at client reboots the client only. To reboot the server
> > I have to 'shutdown -r now' at command prompt. Clients
> > should get a message that allow them to finish their
> > work. But alas, they are forcibly logged off.
> This is probably a good thing.  I consider it a bonus that clients 
> reboot themselves, not the server.

Either admins should have an option to reboot server from
client or the update notification should explain how to
reboot, I think. In both ways clients should be notified
to finish their work, IMNSHO.

> > After all the troubles I couldn't prove Linux to be the
> > good choice if needed. Whether IT teacher wasn't
> > interested in it.
> > Unfortunately, I have to establish Edubuntu Gutsy
> > is far far away from system ready for non-IT admins.
> The teacher that I have been helping made the same statement.

Worst of all is that Edubuntu administration doesn't become
more clear nor usable. Beautiful and nice-looking - yes, but
no more.


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