Lingering Users and Painfully Slow OpenOffice Startup

Fredrik Jansson fja at
Sat Nov 10 14:59:51 GMT 2007


We've run edubuntu 7.10 about a week and we don't have any problems caused by
OpenOffice. We have seen that OpenOffice and firefox, take time to
load, but we have
tracked the problem to gnome-panel and/or nautilus.

Because of that we have tried xfce4 and with xfce we got better performance.

Do anybody know how to set xfce4 as default for ldm? I've tried files
like .xinitrc and
.dmrc or similar.

Fredrik Jansson, Forsmarks skola, Sweden

PS. Our server has 4Gb memory and 2 * 2.4 GHz Intel P4. We are about
30 users at a time. DS

On Nov 10, 2007 3:39 PM, Stefano Rivera
<ubuntu-edubuntu-devel at> wrote:
> Hi R. (2007.11.10_02:05:04_+0200)
> > I notice that, independent of OpenOffice, user processes continue running
> > even after a logout.  It seems that this is the current hack, but is there
> > something systemic that I can help track down?
> We've seen this on an Ubuntu lab, too. They hog the CPU, and waste a
> little RAM.
> SR
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