smbldap : Starting kernel log daemon

francois Barillon francois.barillon at
Wed Nov 7 20:53:47 GMT 2007


I'm trying for days to install a local ldap server on Edubuntu Gusty to
manage thin client's users.

I tried to follow Jim Kronenbush instructions :

And I tried to use Matt Oquist's smbldap :

But seemed to work. I could contact the ldap with phpldapadmin or
webmin, bulk-add users...

But after rebooting (with both methods), the process stoppped at :
Starting kernel log daemon            (no "Ok")

Typing ctrl-alt-F2, I've got "Edubuntu login:" but no way to log with a
ldap user, a non-ldap user, not even root (to witch I defined a password
for the case).
Password is not even asked !

Looking at user.log, I've noticed that "/etc/ldap.secret" was not found
(no such flie or directory).

Files in /etc/pam.d seems normal.

Is there something changed in Gusty that breaks ?

Is there a common point with both methods making an issue ?


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