GDM login asks only password on login failure

R. Scott Belford scott at
Mon Nov 5 17:46:08 GMT 2007

Bill Moseley wrote:
> Edubuntu 7.10 Login window asks for Username and then Password.  But,
> if you enter the username incorrectly then it says "Password
> incorrect. Try again."
> Of course, no password will work because the username is wrong.  So
> asking for the password again is not much help.
> Can gdm be setup to always ask for a username AND password?

I want to re-iterate how significant this is.  We have an Edubuntu 
install in an elementary school.  They were accustomed to logging in 
with their usernames and passwords.  Because kids make mistakes, they 
often enter their username wrong.

If a child enters their ussername incorrectly, then they lose nearly a 
minute of class time while entering their password 3 times in order to 
return to the login screen to re-enter their username.

This is a *critical* *bug* that is undermining an otherwise successful 
installation.  Its presence denies the teacher the most fundamental 
right in a classroom - to correct a mistake.

"Teacher, my workstation is not logging in."
"Did you enter your username correctly"
"I don't know.  It's gone."
"Well, enter your password right 3 times, then you can see if you did."

I have dug through documentation and googled all I can, but I cannot see 
how to change the default login behavior.  I am watching teachers lose 
precious class time helping the students with this.  After 4 years of 
the K12LTSP, this is becoming a show-stopper for them.

> Thanks,


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