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What more could I say but thank you.  I'll go back to my "research" for available thin client, then before I stump my toes, I'd seek the wise counsel of the Yodabuntus here :-)

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On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 20:20 -0700, ramonsagullo at yahoo.com wrote:
> These are valuable info and considerably guiding me in the right
> direction in "stitching" together our new lab.  
> Kindly correct me if I am wrong: so If our students will be using
> OpenOffice as an example, I have to go with a thick client? Or, is it
> possible for the diskless thin client, with the kids using their thumb
> drives, to run OpenOffice, and just save their work in the server?

Thin client is perfectly fine. Everything you can do with a thick client
you can do with a thin client. The difference is that all of the
students will be running OpenOffice on the server, so if they all decide
to do something that requires a lot of computational power (say make a
graph from a spreadsheet with a LOT of cells) all at the same time, they
*might* notice a slowdown. Or they might not.

Students can save their work on the server in their home folders or can
save it on a thumb drive. Either way, the copy of OpenOffice they're
using is one the server.

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