Starting out from scratch

Kriste Stromberg fairhaven142 at
Sat Jun 9 12:44:28 BST 2007

We were given a PC that was completely cleaned off. It has no OS, and a
friend of mine's husband suggested edubuntu. I looked into it, it
sounded good, and so I ordered a disk. Now, I have the disk and am
looking at the directions from the web site, and am confused on step 1!
I want to install the software on this PC that will be a non-internet,
non-networked, stand-alone machine. Can anyone help me to figure out
what to do? Do I "Install to hard disk" which installs a terminal
server? I don't think I need that. Or do I "Install a workstation"?
Will that be enough information for a stand-alone machine? 

Kriste Stromberg

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