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Tue Jul 31 21:43:09 BST 2007

On 7/31/07, Joe Rowe <jrowe at> wrote:
> I need a few more tips on good client hardware.

This is where ebay is your friend.

Several companies have produced thin clients over the years.  Most are sold
as windows clients but will pxe boot.  HP sold lots of good ones.  I have
some Neoware boxes that are about 10 years old that work fine.  Just a
little slow.  Most of my Neoware boxes are now acting as print servers.  You
can pxe boot them and plug a usb printer in.  Works really good since the
Neo boxes run about $20 on ebay.  Cheaper than a usb print server.

Most of the really good thin clients are built using mini-itx boards.  They
work out of the box but are still a little pricey.

Where space is not really tight I just buy cheap micro-atx bare bones
boxes.  You can usually pick up MB's with 1ghz processors for about $30-$50
with everything built in.  $25 for a case and you have a working client.
They are light enough that you can usually just attach them to the underside
of the desk.

I have a local computer store that offers computer recycling.  They set
aside the micro-atx all in one boards for me.  You might contact a your
local vendors as well.  I don't about where you are but where I am they
charge quite a bit of money to dispose of computers.  People are looking for
places to get rid of old hardware.
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