more client suggestions please

Joe Rowe jrowe at
Tue Jul 31 19:18:33 BST 2007

Thanks to everyone for their information on client hardware

I need a few more tips on good client hardware.

I am about to setup a small test lab of 5 clients

Desired client:
- Mass produced, commonly found high volume Dell, Compaq, HP
- Works without manual config with EdUbuntu and possibly Ubuntu also
-Pentium 3 1000MHz or faster
- Can be a large tower or small form factor
- Sound chip on motherboard works with Edubuntu out of the box
- Network card can boot to server, no floppy, no HD, No CD or No USB 
booting needed.
- Accepts SDRAM  100   DIMM  I have tons of that.
- Fan noise not an issue
- mouse and keyboard can be USB or PS/2 connector
- One free USB port after connecting mouse and keyboard

I'm not really worried about the video chip on the motherboard being 
compatible with Edubuntu because I have access to piles of identical 
AGP video cards that have 8mb of fast Video Ram and are all the same 
Rom level.   I have piles of cards with various chipsets.  If the 
onboard video needs manual config then I will just use BIOS to 
disable the onboard VGA and pop in an AGP video card that works out 
of the box with Edubuntu.

What I do not want in a client
- network card needs driver adjustments
- sound card needs new driver downloaded, only works with some apps
- motherboard has quirks that can be fixed by manually editing config files
- hard for students to properly shut down the client
- has no USB ports
- Only accepts some rare RAM type or rare RAM MHz.

I have tons of experience with Ubuntu 5,6,7 and Moodle.  But I'm new 
to Edubuntu.

Thanks,  Joe

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