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Kai Wüstermann k.wuestermann at
Mon Jul 30 15:26:15 BST 2007


Before i persuade the teachers in our elementary school of using
edubuntu with ltsp i have some questions:

1. User management
The user management coming with edubuntu is nice, i you only have a few
user. Is there something special for schools that manage users and
groups for classes and teachers?

2. Group management
We need three classes of users: pupils, teachers and admins. They should
have different menus and rights at the system:
pupils: only can change their own password
teachers: can add and remove users from their class, manage internet
admins: are allowed to everything (group wheel)
Is there a working solution?

3. Printers
We have a computer lab and many classes with one or two clients in.
There is a printer in the lab and one in every class. How do I manage,
that the user automatically uses the printer which is connected to a
client in the room he is in?

4. Scanner
We only have a scanner in the computer lab. Xsane runs on the server, so
that I can use it from the whole network. How can I restrict the access
only to the lab?

5. Internet access
We don't want the children to surf at any time. Our existing server
kills the route to the Internet and a teacher can start or stop the the
route via web interface. The children have to logon to squid to use a
blacklist and to log their access to websides.
I think this must be the standard for our edubuntu ltsp in our school.
It would be nice to give access only to one user or client only for one
hour or so. Is there a ready solution?

Kai Wüstermann

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