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For customizing a Live CD I would start out with Reconstructor (   I'm not really sure the best way to
do a mass install.

On 7/27/07, Phyo W. Soe <ps at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a server running Edubuntu 6. I also have mini PCs that don't have
> any CD-ROM drives, have 2GB of Flash memory as hard disks (just to
> install the OS, storage will be on the server). They also have Ethernet
> connectors.
> What I would like to do is to install Edubuntu on those mini PCs. I want
> to put the contents of Live CD on the server PC and when the miniPCs
> boot up, they will get the required kernel and packages from the
> server's HDD (probably using PXEBoot). That way, the miniPCs won't have
> to download packages from Internet whenever they need to install
> Edubuntu on them.
> What I would like to know is how to create a custom Live CD. This is
> necessary since the miniPCs have only 2GB of Flash and all unnecessary
> packages have to be left out. I found a tutorial for that here:
> I don't know
> if the same methods can be used for Edubuntu. Do you think there are
> better ways to do that?
> Besides customizing the live CD, I want to put drivers (for sound card,
> NIC, etc.,) for the miniPCs on the new Live CD so that during
> installation, the system will find necessary drivers. Do I have to
> recompile the kernel to do this? I would also like to know how to
> configure PXE so that the server will tell the miniPCs to get the
> required kernel and packages from its HDD.
> Now for installation. Since there are many miniPCs, I'd like to do mass
> installation. Which will be the suitable tool for this? I saw that FAI
> support Debian. Can I use FAI to mass install Edubuntu?
> Any advice/help would be truly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> P
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