Running local programs on the thin clients.

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Tue Jul 24 17:46:17 BST 2007

> Sorry, I understand now (missed a "not" in your original post).  I would
> have thought it should be possible to run the i386 version of squeak on the
> amd64 server.  Below is a general article here on how this is done, but at
> first glance I can't find any specific articles on squeak (if you figure it
> out, it would be great to have one in the edubuntu wiki!!).
> At the minute, the thin client "local apps" stuff is still only in
> development so you might be able to get it working using gutsy, but I get
> the impression it's not really stabilised and ready for prime time yet.

The link has some starter info on what needs to
be done in order to support local apps.  I tried some of the suggestions listed under
Design and Implementation and managed to get a local app running (firefox).  It wasn't
exactly seamless and didn't perform that well.  Also there are some other hurdles
regarding sound and access to other local devices.  I think this is still a while out in
regards of development and I decided I just didn't have enough knowledge of the whole
process to figure it out.

At this point unless you really understand LTSP5 and how it works, you may just want to
wait until the Gutsy release and see if the gurus have gotten it to work by then or not.
 At this point upgrading a Feisty server to Gutsy breaks a bunch of stuff so it isn't
developed enough to try yet.

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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