anyone ever seen this error "hub1-01:10:over-current change" ?

Bryan Quigley gquigs at
Tue Jul 24 01:56:49 BST 2007

Well... they might all be right.   I've also never seen it, however my first
to questions would be...
Was the second disk attached by USB?
If you remove the second disk does the error go away?

On 7/23/07, john <lists.john at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to add a second unformatted disk to ubuntu 6.06 and my system
> hung very early in the boot process with this message:
> hub1-01:10:over-current change on port 7
> Google tells me conflicting things, some folks think its a persistent
> bug in the Ubuntu Kernel, some folks think its due to bad power
> supplies, some folks think it has to do with USB devices that aren't
> working properly.
> I have never seen anything like this before. Can anyone tell me what
> may be going on here?
> Thanks!
> John
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