Scott Balneaves sbalneav at legalaid.mb.ca
Mon Jul 23 19:46:40 BST 2007

Alfred Nutile wrote:
> I think Sabayon is still rather broke for Feisty.  Please let me know if I am 
> wrong since I really need it to work.

I've looked at the shell script that applies the sabayon profile, it's

Here it is, for completeness sake:

# Apply the Sabayon profile for the current user (if any)

if [ "x$DISABLE_SABAYON_XINITRC" = "x" ] ; then
   if [ -x /usr/sbin/sabayon-apply ] ; then

Now, I think the problem is that /usr/sbin/sabayon-apply returns a
1 retcode if there's no profile that applies to that user.

However, I'm willing to wager that the failed retcode cacks out
the Xsession script.  So, lets try this:  Change the


line to read:

     /usr/sbin/sabayon-apply || true

This will ensure that you'll always get a 0 exit code from this

I'd be interested if someone could try this.  It seems to work here.
It's a short term simple fix, and an easy fix for gutsy.


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