Video still not quite up to par

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Mon Jul 23 17:47:00 BST 2007

> Jim et al,
> I'd like to second the request for a write up of how you did the
> nic-bonding (if that's what you did) and what tool you used for the
> load balancing. It would be a real boon for me!
> I guess 8 processors _is_  big-iron but my understanding was that
> kernel was meant for 64 processors+
> I am using four cores/ 8gigs  with the "linux-image-server" kernel and
> that seems to work well. You might give it a shot and see if it helps
> your video problems at all.

I can give it a try and see what happens (the linux-image-server that is), worth a try.
 The big-iron kernel just sounded cool :-)

As far as bonding follow this howto (that's what I did)

It says it is for 6.10 but I used it without a hitch in 7.04.  I used mode=6 which is
what I have used in the past on other servers (adaptive load balancing).  It doesn't
give you 6GB throughput like on large nic, but does give you failover if a nic dies and
if they are all running sort of round robins the requests to the least loaded nic.  And
they still can team with a single IP.

The tutorial has two typos, the references to /etc/modprob.d/aliases are missing an "e",
change the lines to /etc/modprobe.d/aliases.

Hope that helps

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