[Fwd: Re: initial thoughts on ltsp kiosk plugin]

Reiner Schmid reischmid at gmx.de
Mon Jul 23 06:36:12 BST 2007

Hi Gavin,

the changed web kiosk based on feisty  works with vlc ( I am able to see 
the videos simultaneously on different  clients). Only the sound  is a 
problem. dev/dsp was not found.
In the normal mode (not kiosk) sound is ok.
It would be very great to switch over dhcp.conf from  the normal  
edubuntu to a edubuntu video lan where a group of students could watch a 
video (listening with headphones).

> 1. Get the web kiosk working    
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdubuntuFAQ#head-1160489d41f8199cc1c7fcd9850bb5c60863f12b 
> 2. chroot into the web kiosk root with something like
>     chroot /opt/ltsp-kiosk/i386
>    or whatever directory you put it in.
> 3. In the web kiosk root do
>     sudo apt-get update
>     sudo apt-get install vlc
> 4. In the kiosk root modify /home/kiosk/.xsession, changing the firefox
>    command (which starts the web browser) to run vlc instead (with the
>    direct address of your stream)
> Gavin
The next weeks I ´ll have the time to find bugs in gutsy because I ´ll 
be in holidays.

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