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Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 22 16:50:13 BST 2007

Farid Ansari wrote:
> Hello again Karl,
> Now it won't connect to my cable service therefore am unable to use the
> Konsole or the internet.

i assume your not using your kubuntu/edubuntu computer for sending email?

> Maybe it requires a reinstall.

that may be an easy way to fix it (if you have no files you need to save
especially), but probably not a requirement :)

> Thanks for the help. Will bother you again if I have problems but this
> time I will only ask for Firefox and Thunderbird Mail, will refrain from
> asking for a full upgrade.

it occurs to me that perhaps the full upgrade includes a kernel update
which may have broken your ethernet/usb connections. perhaps if you boot
the old kernel it will still work (in that case its a bug, by the way).

when the computer boots, directly after post (the bios) finishes, you
will see a line on the top of the screen. it will be grub , and it
counts down from 3 to 0, then starts booting kubuntu/edubuntu.
when its counting down, press escape, and select the kernel (using the
arrow keys) that's got the lowest version number.

> Have a nice evening.

good luck,

> Regards,
> Farid Ansari

by the way, i replied this back to the list.

> On 7/22/07, *Karl Goetz* <kamping_kaiser at internode.on.net
> <mailto:kamping_kaiser at internode.on.net>> wrote:
>     Farid Ansari wrote:
>     > Hi Karl,
>     > I tried it after 3 hours but still got the same message. Right clicked
>     > the small icon on the taskbar and said quit. Still unable to
>     add-remove
>     > programmes cause some other system is working.
>     > Farid
>     >
>     Hi mate,
>     i'd like you to open a terminal (konsole) and run `lsof |grep lock` and
>     include the output in an email to us :)
>     do you have a konsole open with apt running? that could cause a
>     problem.
>     kk

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