Video still not quite up to par

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Jul 19 15:25:55 BST 2007


On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Jim Kronebusch wrote:

> Yes, with LDM_DIRECTX=True commented out, my video gets worse.  The
> bypassing of ssh for video does add improvement, but it is still not as
> good as with LTSP 4.2 under K12LTSP6.

No great surprise, just thought it was worth checking.  In both LTSP4 and 5
with LDM_DIRECTX you're basically sending the video output across the
network in much the same way so it seems like there must be something else.

> I was wondering the same thing yesterday.  I started messing with video
> settings in lts.conf to see if there was any improvement.  At this point
> I am only testing with a Term150 from  I am out
> of town now until Monday but maybe I will try some other workstations to
> see if there is any difference.  I will also give the gxine test a shot.

You could snag the Xorg config file from LTSP4 and place it on the LTSP5
chroot and force use of the old config.  Should tell you if it's an X
config issue.

> The server has 6 Gig NICs teamed with adaptive load balancing ran into a
> Gigabit switch in my Cisco 4006 router.  Then another GBIC blade runs a
> separate gigabit connection to each wire room feeding no more than 20
> clients per Gig uplink.  I am certain the network isn't the problem :-)  

Yikes.  At some point we really must twist your arm to write up a detailed
piece explaining your setup.  An 8-core xeon server with 16 GB RAM and 6
load-balanced NICs is pretty serious hardware.


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